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Igniting Change From The Inside Out 

We Mentor 360 creates safe spaces for Los Angeles youth to thrive. Our mentoring programs and ongoing events are built to provide strong role models that help young men and women develop goals and mold perspectives.

Our Programs


Fades for Grades

Fades for Grades takes place in a barber shop setting and encourages young males to remain in school and set positive goals for their adult lives by rewarding them with fresh fades for improved behavior and grades. 


Polish encourages young females to strive for excellence by providing them a safe place to express themselves in a nail shop setting, rewarding them with manicures for reaching their personal and academic goals. 

By sharing his personal story and connecting to young men and women on their level, founder Rick McGregor encourages them to share and express their most difficult issues.

"The program keeps it real and doesn’t sugar coat anything. They only teach us what is best and I love them for that. It truly is a safe place and I have shared things deeper than the surface with the program."

- Courtney

"I felt as though this program is somewhere where you are safe, safe enough to talk about your problems. I’m coming back next year and if you’re going through something you should come too."

- Unschariee

"I come to Polish because it’s like a happy place for me when I’m feeling down. This program helped me express my feelings I may not want to share with others. Polish is important to me because they give me great advice on how I should live my life right, daily."

- Mya

Rick Headshot.png

From Our Founder

Growing up in South Los Angeles, Rick McGregor knows firsthand the dangers our youth face and the courage and support needed to overcome adversity.


Serving youth is something that he is compelled and called to do. Rick has extensive experience working with children, youth, and young adults. He has coached football for 8 years in the inner city and has been a mentor in the community for some 20 years. His experience also includes working with various schools in the Los Angeles and Compton areas as a Program Director for their after-school programs.

Rick’s passion, to see youth succeed and not become another statistic in society, is the driving force behind We Mentor 360. 

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them."

Earvin "Magic" Johnson

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